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Nightmares At Dreamworld

I don’t know how many people remember this but Dreamworld, Oz had an attraction called ‘Nightmares’. It was a walk-through simulation of a haunted mansion, except it was different because it was actually really, really scary. It did not have any of the conventional things a haunted house has, like the lame props that aren’t really scary or the typical soundtrack that you have already heard a million times before in almost each and every old school scary movie. Rather, it had the best lighting effects (perfect to give you the heebie jeebies) and real people dressed in the coolest ghost make up. You knew that they are real people (and of course not g-g-g-ghosts) but when they would follow you around (really stalk you!) and make those growling noises and (I still dont know how they did it) but breathe cool air behind your neck, that wais definitely more than enough to send chills down anybody’s spine.


This was the only time that I was ever completely spooked. But once I restlessly managed my way out, I wanted to go again. Maybe cause I had never really screamed that much in my life. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. I suddenly thought of this place when it came up in one of my conversations, and now I want to go there again. I just looked for it on Dreamworld’s website. Turns out, they discontinued it :(. But I want to know of more places like it. I really want to visit more of these.